Due to COVID-19 our office is open by appointment only. In an effort to keep patients and staff healthy, we are still requiring all patients to wear a mask while in the office. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Vision Therapy - Pre-Screen

Our online Vision Therapy pre-screen can give you an impression of your current eye health based on symptoms you may currently have. Once you complete the screen, you'll be given your score and shown where you fall in the scales. This is only a screening tool and will not pick up all cases where Vision Therapy would be beneficial. The best way to know for sure is through a full assessment.

Never/Non-existent Seldom Occasionally Frequently Always
Blurred vision at near
Double Vision
Headaches associated with near work
Words move or run together when reading
Falling asleep or get tired when reading
Vision worse at the end of the day
Skipping or repeating lines when reading
Head tilt, covering or closing one eye when reading
Never/Non-existent Seldom Occasionally Frequently Always
Difficulty copying from the chalkboard
Avoidance of reading and near work
Omitting small words when reading
Writing uphill or downhill
Difficulty with reading comprehension
Inconsistent/poor sports performance
Holding reading material too close
Short attention span
Never/Non-existent Seldom Occasionally Frequently Always
Difficulty completing assignments in reasonable time
Saying "I can't" before trying
Avoiding sports and games
Difficulty with hand tools-Scissors, calculator, keys, etc
Inability to estimate distance accurately
Tendency to knock things over on desk or table
Difficulty with time management
Car sickness/motion sickness
Never/Non-existent Seldom Occasionally Frequently Always

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