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Optometric Services: Health Care Coverage in Saskatchewan

According to Saskatchewan Health, if you are a Saskatchewan resident with Saskatchewan Health coverage and you:

Eye Exam Frequency: How often should you have an eye exam?

Eye health and vision examinations play a vital role in ensuring a lifetime of clear vision and healthy eyes. Your Optometrist will ensure you are attaining the best vision possible and check for eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration (see the vision education library for more information about these and other conditions).

Regular eye health checks are essential because eye disease can progress without any apparent symptoms. Often, by the time the sufferer notices symptoms of a disease, the vision has been permanently damaged. By having your eyes examined regularly, your Optometrist can detect signs of illness in its earliest stages and ensure prompt treatment.

The minimum recommended frequency of examination is as follows:

If you are at high risk for eye disease, your Optometrist may recommend more frequent eye exams. "High risk" factors can include:

Your Optometrist will recommend regular checkups for you at a frequency that meets YOUR particular eye care needs.

What does an eye exam include?

Your Optometrist will perform several tests to assess your vision and eye health and will keep a file of this information to track changes from one visit to the next. You can expect a typical optometric examination to include:

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